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'The Grey Lady' / 2012.
© E. M. Lawrence
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'Blind Doves'
© E. M. Lawrence

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'Woodland Creatures'
© E. M. Lawrence

something from my sketchbook ...which is an explosion of cut-outs from newspapers, magazines and bits of fabric that catch my eye and imagination. Less of a sketchbook and more of a strange and bizarre mix of scribbles, mess and thoughts.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic 'Me & Mine'
© E. M. Lawrence / 2011

The finished work that I mentioned a few posts ago - this piece was created for an exhibition, I went to the opening night which was lovely, although I was tired and fighting the flu so was not at my best and probably looked grumpy! My partner attended the event with me and was an absolute sweetie about the fact that I didn't want to talk to people and was doing my level best to hide behind the nearest ferns/ornamental fixtures along the walls of the gallery

(I'm kind of shy and awkward)

The approx. size of this canvas is 30.5x25.5cm / created with watercolour, acrylic paint & ink

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'Where The Wild Things Lurk'
© E. M. Lawrence

Another older work, this one was both my first ever larger scale work - roughly 45cmx38cm-ish - and also the first proper sale that I made of a piece over $1,000 ...needless to say, I went into shock for a few days after it sold to a private buyer.

This illustration was my tribute to all of my most loved childhood story-books.
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'The Northern Wind'
© E. M. Lawrence

...something older of mine, I'm slowly going to be posting all my older works on this blog over the next month or so


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